Reise has announced today the reissue of the debut album, Lake, will be released next Friday, May 3, via IVth World Records, available for sale and on-demand sites worldwide. Originally released October 21, 2016, the album has been remixed and remastered.

Lake is a rich and layered release, blending the styles that were making an impact in the early Eighties, such as New Wave, Post-Punk, and College Rock. These were the styles songwriters Christian Helwig and Matthew Hamilton had for their main musical diet growing up, with Christian being more on the New Wave and Post-Punk side, and Matthew on the College Rock side

Reise’s sound is a unique one for the current musical landscape and is sure to be a standout in the talked about upcoming revival of Eighties music

The album contains Reise’s first three singles, “Cannot Say”, “August Moon”, and “Shoreline”, all of which have made an impression with the online independent music community. “Cannot say” and “Shoreline” were both voted number one on the Indie Star Radio Top 21 listener countdown, as well as “Cannot Say” being voted on the KB Radio Top 25 listener countdown

Seven of the nine tracks appearing on Lake were written by Christian and Matthew, with two tracks written by Christian after Matthew’s departure from the duo. All instruments were performed by Christian, and was recorded and mixed by Christian and co-producing partner ICON71

In 2018, Reise was nominated for ‘Group of the Year’, for the Indie Star Radio Awards.


  1. Lake
  2. Cannot Say
  3. She Don’t Know
  4. August Moon
  5. Stitch
  6. Myth (version 1)
  7. Bind
  8. So Hard to See You (version 2)
  9. Shoreline (version 2)